This page was last edited on 29 December 2020, at 15:44. Oppland, in the centre of southern Norway, is bordered by seven other counties. Ⓒ 2020 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved. Back to Oppland genealogy resources Oppland kirkebøker - parish records About this list: I have compiled the information on this list from the LDS Family History Catalog as well as from information from the web site of the Norwegian National Archives.It contains a list of the parish records - kirkebøker - from Oppland that have been microfilmed. These records use a very limited, specialized vocabulary that is easy to learn. A service provided by, Gudbrandsdal prosti, Prestemanntall 6, 1664 - 1666 Census for Oppland County, Hadeland prosti, Prestemanntall 7, 1664 - 1666, Valdres prosti, Prestemanntall 8, 1664 - 1666, Hadeland og Valdres fogderi, Fogdemanntall 4, 1664, Passprotokoll for Gudbrandsdalen fogderi 1833-1860, Passprotokoll for Hadeland og Land fogderi 1857-1861, Passprotokoll for Lillehammer politimesterembete 1843-1871, Digitised probate records for Oppland County,,_Norway_Genealogy&oldid=4147257, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In 1812 the first set registers were made, and the ministers got a norm to follow when filling in the information. Norway Farms and Parishes S : POST your Farm and Parish Names Please include "Farm/Parish Name- S" in your subject line and list your information in the order given below: farm and/or parish, county, surname, researcher name and e-mail address.Please limit your requests to 1 at a time.. To get your information posted faster, please post according to 2 /1734 - 1780 Area Oppland county Ringebu parish Ringebu local parish Fåvang local parish Venabygd local parish Notes I mellom pag. The "Abroad" section contains church books from the Norwegian Seaman's Church, the Norwegian Church in Sweden (during World War II), and a number of churches related to missionaries. Filter by selected geographic region. This wide landlocked county is home to great lakes, major rivers and the highest mountains in the Nordic countries. These are Excel files, which can be downloaded. For help reading and interpreting theses records, see: For more detail on the contents of these records and how to use them, see. BILDEN, Engebret - Engebrect was born 6th May 1823 in Gran parish, Oppland county, Norway. The county administration is in Lillehammer. The county is conventionally divided into traditional districts. ... Oppland: Vest-Agder: Møre og ... Finnmark: Limit your search criteria to one or more parishes: Instructions Fill in one or more of the fields above, and click census year to start the retrieval. Guide to Ringebu, Norway ancestry, family history, and genealogy: birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, and military records. Both farms and sub-farms are included. (Keep in mind, however, that Blårud, Blårud nordre, and Blårud søndre in Stange, Hedmark, are neighboring farms in the same parish, so there are only 11 parishes that we need to worry about so far). These are the most important records you will use, and a majority of your research will be found in them. The Church of St. Mary is a church of the Diocese of Oslo, in Lillehammer, Oppland, Norway. Oppland also hosts key overland transport corridors and travel by car or train through Norway usually include Oppland. These records are made up of church books from parishes across Norway. From 1720, parish registers became more detailed and widespread. Records at the Family History Library] begin in 1695. The parish of Biri was established as a municipality on 1 January 1838. Digitalarkivet: Digitized parish registers of Oppland; Norway Indexed parish register transcriptions; The Family History Library has microfilms for all Oppland parish registers up to about 1920. Lom bygdebok, vol. From the southeast, one can travel from Oslo by auto, bus or train along the highways and track carved in the mountainsides and along the long finger-like lakes and rivers. Please limit your requests to 2 at a time. Parents: Amund Eriksen and Kirstine Hansdatter Bondelie Eier (Parish records for Land) BAKKOM, Gunild Marie - Gunil Martea was born 16th June 1818 in Land parish, Oppland county, Norway. Ringebu, Oppland, Norway Immediate Family: Daughter of Bård Engebretsen Godlien and Rønnaug Gulbrandsdatter Godlien Wife of Christen Torkildsen Larsstuen Mother of Beret Christensdatter Braastad ; Hans Christensen Larsstuen ; Mari Christensdatter Larsstuen ; Eli Kristensdatter Larsstuen and Rønnaug Christensen Larsstuen Sister of Engebret Bårdsen Godlien and Beret Baaldatter Godlien Parents: Lars Engebrectsen and Kari Torgrimsdatter Bilden. Norway Farms and Parishes G - H : POST your Farm and Parish Names Please include "Farm/Parish Name G-H" in your subject line and list your information in the order given below: farm and/or parish, county, surname, researcher name and e-mail address.Please limit your requests to 1 at a time.. To get your information posted faster, please post according to All civil registration was kept by the church parishes until 2012. Lesja Parish Records, Lesja, Oppland, Norway 1725-1776, 1725-1776, Lesja Parish 1725-1776, Lesja, Norway; Film 125507, Family History Library, 35 North West Temple Street, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA. For earlier records see Østre Toten clerical district. Early remnants of humans in Norway have been dated to 9000 BC to 8000 BC. Oppland [ˈɔ̂plɑn] was until 1 January 2020 a county in Norway bordering to the counties of Trøndelag, Møre og Romsdal, Sogn og Fjordane, Buskerud, Akershus, Oslo and Hedmark.The county administration was located in Lillehammer.. Oppland was, together with Hedmark, one of the only two landlocked counties of Norway. If you or your ancestors are from the kommunes of Gjøvik, Vestre Toten or Østre Toten in Oppland, Norway or if the parishes of Aas (Aase), Balke, Biri, Eina, Hoff, Gjøvik, Hunn, Kapp, Kolbu, Nordli, Nykirke, Raufoss, Redalen, Seegård, Totenvik, Vardal or Snertingdal, sound familiar to you, Totenlag is the place for you. This page was last edited on 16 November 2020, at 11:28. This website requires a paid subscription for full access. The key east-west road connections are E 16, RV 15 and RV 9. Oppland farms, (now Innlandet administration district now recombining Hedmark and Oppland) a county adjoining and north of Hedmark also had family members in very early history. Andrew was the grandfather of Vivian Jordin Mankell.Andrew left Norway in 1881; Jens Zachariason left in 1890. Show only the number of farms found a KWIC-concordance (Key Word in Context) a list of the farms sorted alphabethically according to the matching word and the text following to the right (only meaningful when the result is presented as a KWIC-concordance). Also included the parishes Kolbu and Eina until 1915, see also Kolbu clerical district. The main traffic arteries between the south and the north of the country, the railway and the E-6 highway pass through the county. In Oppland: Blækkerud in Gran herad. Oppland is, together with Hedmark, one of the only two landlocked counties of Norway. Oppland is a county in Norway, bordering Sør-Trøndelag, Møre og Romsdal, Sogn og Fjordane, Buskerud, Akershus, Oslo and Hedmark. Searching the 1865, 1875, 1900 and 1910 censuses for Norway. The "Norway" section contains church books from Norwegian parishes, as well as a number of dissenter congregations. Stone age hunters and fishermen left rock carvings and burial in the Old Stone Age of 8000-4000BC. This page has been viewed 3,915 times (1,055 via redirect). The official Church of Norway is Evangelical Lutheran and Lutheran church records are a key source for anyone researching Norwegian ancestry. I received the following message recently from Arnfinn Kjelland, announcing the availability of the first bygdebok volume for Lom, Oppland fylke, Norway.There bygdebok will come out in four parts. Archive Ringebu prestekontor Series and subseries Piece/folder Source type Parish register (official) Protocol no./period no. Oppland extends from the lakes Mjøsa and Randsfjorden to the mountains Dovrefjell, Jotunheimen and Rondane. Ringebu clerical district contains parish registers from the parishes Ringebu, Fåvang (Fodevang) and Venabygd (Vennebygd). Back to the search form Preferences Include county muncipality parish in the list of results. In Buskerud: Bliksrud in Norderhov herad. This page has been viewed 17,155 times (765 via redirect). 1886 matrikkelen 88 Aanna 123 Aanshus 87 Aansløkken 113 Aanstad 94 Annolsæteren 62 Berg 109 Berge nordre 46 Bjørge nordre 76 Borgedalen 78 Borgen 77 Borgen Engeland 66 Brandstad 49 Brekken 52 Brettingen 98 Bystad 55 Bø lille 120 Djupdalen 110 Dørdalen 65 Elstad 114 Elvestad 54 Erikstuen 84 Espedalen 95 Flyen 33 Forkalsrud 30 Forrebroen 81 Fugleslaaen 53 Gilleberg 102 Godlien 63 Grov 63 Grovdalen 32 Guldmoen 42 Gunstad nedre 58 Gutu 107 Hagen 51 Halfarelien 64 Halstad 56 Hauge nordre 73 Hilstad 93 Hjelle 37 Holtesæteren 117 Hullet 40 Høistad 125 Imsdalen 126 Imsdalsenden 118 Jordet 34 Kaurstad 67 Kaus 93 Kinn 99 Knappen 49 Kolstad nordre 74 Korssletten 81 Kverndalen 31 Kvernflaten 80 Løisnes-Ødegaarden 82 Mork lille og Mork 52 Morken 107 Myre nedre 94 Mytting 86 Myttings-Ødegaarden 39 Mælum 110 Mælum 100 Nerlien 89 Norddølum 124 Nordlien 36 Nordrum Megaarden 46 Nymoen 68 Odlo nordre 124 Ormsæteren 75 Paalsødegaarden 104 Pinløkken 51 Pullen 122 Ranklev nedre 44 Ranstemoen 117 Raubakken 64 Ringebu Præstegaard 35 Risstubben 92 Romsaas nedre 115 Rottaas nedre 30 Rudi nedre 106 Sagstuen 35 Sandum 105 Segalstad nedre 72 Skrukkerud 70 Sletten 31 Slovarp 81 Spangerud 85 Sparingen 79 Strandborgen 112 Strande nordre 50 Stulen 106 Sveen 54 Svensrud 76 Tandsæteren 96 Tromsnes 60 Træet 71 Trøstaaker 63 Tuevolden 103 Tullien47 Vaalen 58 Vang 60 Vestad nedre 119 Voldberget 101 Øverlien, Allergodt, Amrud, Arnemoen, Avlestugu, Bakke, Bakkehaugen, Bakken, Bakkestugu, Bakkom, Bekkjedalen, Belsrud, Bentslykkja, Berg, Berge, Bergehagen, Bergsvea, Bergli, Berglund, Bergom, Bjøinstad, Bjørge, Bjørgerønningen, Bjørgevolden, Bjørke, Borgedalen, Borgemoen, Borgen, Borgenesset, Brandstad, Brandstadflata, Brandstadmoen, Brattland, Brattåket, Breiveien, Brekka, Brekkom, Brenna, Brennhaugen, Brettingen, Brettingsmoen, Bringsrud, Brubakken, Brånån, Bråstad, Bråstadjordet, Bråstadlykkja, Bråten, Bråtån, Bråtåsæter, Bystad, Bø, Bølia, Bårdslykkja, Bårdseng, Dalbak, Dalberg, Dalen, Dalsegg, Djupdalen, Dokka, Einarsvea, Elvstad, Elvestad, Elvheim, Engen, Erikstugu, Espedalen, Fjellset, Fjellstad, Flata, Flye, Flyøygården, Fåråbrua, Fåråstad, Fåråstadhagen, Fåråstadstugu, Fåvang, Garverhaugen, Gilleberg, Gillebergstugu, Godlia, Godlirønningen, Godlisvea, Godtnok, Granlia, Granskogen, Grov, Grønlund, Gullbrandstua, Gullmoen, Gunnasvea, Gunnershaugen, Gunstad, Gunstadmoen, Gutu, Hagen, Hallom, Hallstad, Halvfarelia, Hamaren, Hanstad, Haugalykkja, Haugen, Haugeøygarden, Haugje, Haugjesvea, Haugsjordet, Haugstad, Haukås, Heggeslåa, Heggjedalen, Hemrom, Hemsvea, Hilstad, Hjelldokka, Hjelle, Hjellstugu, Hjørna, Hole, Holte, Horten, Hortum, Hovde, Hovdhaugen, Huse, Husesvea, Huset, Huslykkja, Hågå, Hågåbakken, Hågøygarden, Hågån, Høystad, Høystadhagen, Høystadlykkja, Imsdalen, Imsdalsenden, Innleggen, Ivabakken, Ivastugu, Johaugen, Jordbrun, Jordet, Kalstad, Kampestugu, Kaurstad, Kaurstadlykkja, Kaus, Kinn, Kjilgarden, Kjønås, Kjørkjegarden, Kjørkjelykkja, Kjørkjestugu, Kleiva, Knappen, Kollstad, Kollstadlia, Kollstadmoen, Korshaugen, Korssletta, Krekkje, Krekkjevolden,Krokbakken, Kroken, Kroksvea, Kverndalen, Kvernflata, Kvitla, Kvitrud, Liahagen, Liasvea, Lindalen, Linekra, Linekkerstua, Linvik, Linviksvea, Ljoshaugen, Longset, Lundbakken, Lunde, Lundhaugen, Lundsvea, Lykkjebakken, Lykkjom, Løype, Løysnes, Løysneslykkja, Løysnesøygarden, Madssveen, Marstein, Maurhaugen, Midtlia, Midtmoen, Midt-Røa, Mikkelslåa, Mo, Mork, Morka, Morkestykkje, Myrbakken, Myre, Myren, Myrhaugen, Myrjordet, Myrmoen, Myrsvea, Mytting, Myttingshaugen, Myttingsøygarden, Mælom, Mælomshaugen, Mælomskleiva, Mælomssvea, Nerkleiva, Nerlia, Nermoen, Nordbu, Nordbuslykkja, Nordbusrønningen, Nordheim, Nordlia, Nordlibakken, Nordlistugu, Nordrom, Nordromslykkja, Nordølom, Nyfløt, Nyheim, Nyland, Nylende, Nylykkja, Nystugu, Nyvold, Odlo, Odlohagen, Odlolia, Odlomoen, Odlorønningen, Oksol, Oksolhaugen, Olderlykkja, Olsonplassen, Olstad, Olstadenget, Oppheim, Ospa, Pallsvea, Pinlykkja, Prestangen, Prestbakken, Prestegarden, Pynten, Pålsøygarden, Rankleiv, Rankleivsdalen, Rankleivssvea, Ransti, Raubakken, Revlingen, Risbakken, Risstubben, Roa, Role, Romsås, Romsåshagen, Rottås, Rottåshagen, Rottåsbakken, Rottåslia, Rottåssvea, Rudi, Rudihagen, Rudrud, Rudrudjordet, Rulland, Røa, Rønningen, Rørvik, Rørvikskampen, Rørviksmoen, Sagbakken, Sagstugu, Sandbu, Sannom, Segelstad, Segelstadsvea, Sikle, Sjuro, Sjurstugu, Sjurstugu, Skafløtten, Skjeggestad, Skjellstad, Skogstad, Skrandrud, Skrekkhus, Skrukkerud, Skrukkerudkleiva, Skrukkerudøygarden, Slavolden, Sletta, Slettjordet, Slovarp, Slovarphaugen, Sme, Smestad, Smestadmoen, Smiusongslykkja, Snippen, Solheim, Solhjem, Spangerud, Spangerudlia, Sparringen, Spekhus, Spekhuslykkja, Sperre, Spidsberg, Stamstad, Steinset, Steinsrud, Steinstugulykkja, Stenomgard, Stigen, Stor-Brenna, Storliuenget, Stormoen, Stormorka, Strande, Stubberud, Stulen, Stykkje, Svarthaugen, Svebakken, Sveinsrud, Svendstad, Sylte, Sylthaugen, Syltodden,  Syltsvea, Sæter, Sæterbakken, Sæterlia, Sæterlykkja, Sæterstugu, Søreng, Sørjordet, Teige, Tjuruhaugen, Tofta, Tofte, Tofthågån, Toftmorka, Toftstugu, Torsgard, Tosbakken, Tromsnes, Tromsnesmoen, Tromsås, Trosvik, Træe, Trøståker, Tullia, Tullibakken, Tullirønningen, Tøllevsrud, Tøllivsrudhaugen, Tåjord, Valstad, Vang, Vang, Vangen, Vardsvea, Vekkom, Venabygd, Venåsen, Venåsbakken, Venåshagen, Venåsplassen, Vestad, Vestadrønningen, Vetl-Brenna, Vetl-Dokka, Vetl-Kaus, Vetlmoen, Vetlmorka, Vetl-Rankleiv, Vetl-Røa, Vetlsetra, Vetlvolden, Vika, Volden, Voldsrud, Vollberget, Vollum, Våle, Vålebru, Østgård, Øverjordet, Øverli, Øverlia, Øvstgård, Øya, Øygarden, Øygardsstugu, Ålykkja, Ånna, Ånshus, Ånshussvea, Ånslykkja, Ånstad, Årnes, Årnesbakken, Årneslia, Åsen, Åsheim, Åsly, Åsvea, Gudbrandsdal judicial district *1720-1735 Family History Library*1659-1721 Digitalarkivet, Sør-Gudbrandsdal judicial district*1682-1859 Family History Library*1720-1899 Digitalarkivet, Gudbrandsdal deanery*1696-1712 Family History Library*1696-1712 Digitalarkivet.