HSC-84 was deactivated in 2016, but HSC-85 is still operating. (Gulf war Vetern). While most jobs in the Navy don't involve combat, there are some jobs that do. During the Battle of Okinawa, one UDT removed 1,200 underwater obstacles in two days, under heavy fire, without a single casualty. Joined Jun 1, 2017 Messages 16. United States Navy. We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. Jun 1, 2017 #4 TLDR20 said: I don't know about the Navy. 0. Yes The Navy sees combat action they do not sit back and watch the waters. Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit; Naval Special Warfare Center trains the SEALs and some of the combat swimmers for the other U.S. military branches. The Navy will require both volunteers and non-volunteers (about 10,000 Sailors per year) to do Individual Augmentee Duty. Annually, about 20 conscripts are trained for diving duties. The French Army has clearance divers as well named plongeurs de combat du génie. See … Navy divers serve at several diving platform types including; Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC), Navy Special Operations/Special Warfare commands, Marine Corps dive teams, rescue/salvage and repair diving detachments, saturation diving commands and diving research/development to name a … These classes lead to them becoming capable combat divers. The Diver Insignia (also known as "Diver Badges") are qualification badges of the Uniformed Services of the United States which are awarded to servicemen qualified as divers. US DoD Photo. Btw i'm not talking about SEALs the navy has salvage divers and combat divers. log in sign up. Army Combat Divers Vs. Navy SEALs. To avoid redundancy, they only operate in freshwater environments. A Navy diver is trained in Mine clearance and underwater explosives utilizing the latest diving equipment. Navy divers serve with fleet diving detachments and in research and development. J. Jpod13. Specialisation. Reply. The French Navy clearance divers are known as plongeurs démineurs. Navy training provides skills and knowledge in everything from military tactics and small arms use to survival and a number of other tactical military procedures. Beyond offering access to professional credentials and certifications, Navy training in the NSW/NSO community can translate to credit hours toward a bachelor’s or associate degree through the American Council on Education . Every job in the military is a combat job There are the Navy Seals, the Navy Sea-bees( construction battalion. Those selected work outside of their regular Navy job, and are deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan (usually for 12 months) to assist the Army and Marine Corps with combat … Both are helicopter squadrons and have the role to support SWCCs and SEALs. Archived. ; Naval Combat Demolition Units, the first Seabee divers that later merged into UDT’s (today its roots of demolitions are still practiced by UCT’s); Naval Special Clearance Team (NSCT) consisting of SEALs, SWCC, and EOD. Do Seabee's see combat ? (Official U.S. Marine Corps Photo by Sgt. “Though the Air Force is not the leading branch in diving, the skills that our special operations Airmen have are often useful to other dive teams,” Wagner said. “Air Force divers are often called to work with Navy Seals, and we have to be able to keep up and know how to do what they do. ... the first combat mission for UDT’s was a daylight reconnaissance and demolition project off the beaches of Saipan in June 1944. Reactions: TLDR20. They also, search for missing persons and conduct underwater engineering on ships and structures.