Passengers travelling to the Republic of Cyprus from a country not included in Categories A or B are required to obtain beforehand a special permit as defined by the Infectious Diseases (Determination of Measures to Prevent the Spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus) Decree (No. If there is an intention to stay for more than three months (and / … Which means that all the other nations, which are the members of EU, will follow the similar law as that of Cyprus allowing international students to work in those countries while studying. (see MVIS3 file attached below) B. At the immigration office, a non-EU resident should complete an MCYV2 or MVIS2 form to apply for a temporary residency and, depending on the purpose of the request, submit the following documents: Cyprus residence and work permit for EU citizens. (3) Τhird country nationals who apply for extension of their temporary residence permit in order to conduct a marriage with a Cypriot or an EU citizen. A work permit will entitle you to reside legally in North Cyprus and work here, and it will need to be renewed on a regular basis during your working life on the island. [M61] - Forms for Residence and Employment Permit; Application for Cypriots who wish to repatriate and find a job in Cyprus [M61] - Application for the renewal of temporary resident's permit [M67] - Application for Immigration Permit [Μ71] - Application for the grant of citizenship of the Republic of Cyprus Tourist Visas. The Republic of Cyprus secures equal treatment between foreign workers and local personnel through its Constitution, Article 28(2), which guarantees the protection of human rights regardless race, religion or ethnic origin. cyprus work permit & employment of non-eu citizens Third country nationals and all companies of foreign interests that intend to register a company in Cyprus and employ third country nationals must obtain a residence and employment permit from the Civil Registry and Migration Department (CRMD). The law that permits international students to work part-time during their studies in Cyprus is a directive of EU. • a foreigner can receive a work permit with a validity of 4 years; • however, those moving to Cyprus to work in fields such as agriculture or farming can obtain a work permit for a period of 6 years; • in 2016, Cyprus issued a total of 16,970 residence permits (the work permit is a type of residence permit); 30) of … In order for companies of foreign interest, including former offshore companies and Cyprus shipping companies, to employ third country nationals in the Republic of Cyprus there are a number of criteria and conditions that … Employment permits for third country nationals . A person who does not need a work permit (have enough funds not to work in Cyprus) Pink Slip: What Documents Do You Need? Nationals from EU Member States have the right to enter Cyprus by simply showing a valid EU passport or ID Card without having to register upon arrival. Cyprus work (resident) permit issued by the Cyprus Civil Registry and Migration Department for third-country nationals working for Cyprus International Companies. Foreigners coming to the TRNC do not have the automatic right to work, earn money or run a business without first obtaining a full work or business permit. Work & Residence Permits. Visas are issued by the consular authorities of Cyprus in abroad and they can be extended for a maximum period of 3 months.