The first one is a Conjugal Partnership of Gains (CPG); the next is an Absolute Community of Property (ACP); and lastly, a Complete Separation of Properties. There are three property regimes established by Philippine Law. Under the Absolute Community of Property section of the code, all properties, whether acquired before or during marriage, are considered conjugal. Art. Net share of the surviving spouse in the conjugal partnership or community property. 112. Art. DEAR ATTORNEY - Atty. Being married to someone entails not only sharing one’s life but also one’s property with the other. Tagalog. If the property regime of the husband and wife is complete separation of property, all properties brought and acquired by each of the spouses before and during the marriage belongs only to either the husband or the wife and not by both of them. Conjugal property ba ang ari-ariang namana? She may also administer the conjugal partnership in other cases specified in this Code. Ang "conjugal property" o "community property" ay ang lahat ng ari-arian na dinala ng mag-asawa sa kanilang kasal at ito ay paghahatian ng pareho ng naayon sa batas. “For richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish till death do us part.” This is part of the marriage vow being recited during weddings. Administration of the Conjugal Partnership Property. 113. (n) Art. The net share of the surviving spouse in the conjugal partnership property as diminished by the obligations properly chargeable to such property. The husband must be joined in all suits by or against the wife, except: In CPG, the spouses retain individual ownership of the property they had before they got married. The husband is the administrator of the conjugal property, unless there is a stipulation in the marriage settlements conferring the administration upon the wife. conjugal na pag-aari. Contextual translation of "conjugal" into Tagalog. Human translations with examples: conjugal pamilya, conjugal tirahan, conjugal kahulugan. 124. ... conjugal property. What is considered conjugal property in the Philippines? What are the Estate Tax rates? The administration and enjoyment of the conjugal partnership shall belong to both spouses jointly. Aeron Aldrich B. Halos (Pang-masa) - August 27, 2020 - 12:00am . Dear … The manner of the liquidation of the conjugal partnership and the steps to be taken out in cases where the conjugal partnership of property is terminated upon the death of the other spouse is governed by Article 130 of the Family Code of the Philippines which says: “Article 130. Paraphernal Property is not part of the conjugal property or absolute community property. Hence, it is very important to know the liabilities of the common properties of the spouses. The estate tax rates depend on the date of death.