Teach your Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, School Students or Church Group about nature and the basics of canoeing and kayaking in the still water or take a tour downstream through th Brandywine Valley via Brandywine Outfitters and experience the adventure and excitement of river canoeing or kayaking. 26 acre private park rental and camping grounds along the Brandywine River. The museum lets tubers park for $20/car and there is plenty of room. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from SUNY Geneseo in 2009. Besides renting gear, joining this great community of outdoor enthusiasts is a wonderful place to meet others with a shared love for kayaking in Philadelphia. Canoe & Kayak Rental. No group too large or small! Anglers can fish for small mouth bass, bluegill, and crappie in Brandywine Creek and for trout in Wilsons Run. Brandywine Creek State Park is divided by grey stone walls that were built of local stone in the late 1800s, when the property was a dairy farm owned by the du Pont family. Float down the Brandywine River in an Inner Tube. Before, during, or after your party at Brandywine Outfitters' private picnic park, you can take a canoe trip or kayak trip down the Brandywine creek just like the Lenni Lenape did in Chester County years past. Three small dams between Shaw's Bridge Park and Brandywine Creek State Park present a mild obstacle for canoeists. Numerous establishments along both the Pennsylvania and Delaware sections of Brandywine Creek provide canoe rentals along with guided canoeing, kayaking and tubing trips on the stream. Keep in mind that the Pennsylvania section of the stream requires a Pennsylvania fishing license, and a Delaware license is required downstream of the state line (right around the bridge crossing at Smiths Bridge Road). Kick back on a tube and watch the miles float by as you drift through an … I launched into the East Branch of the Brandywine River from the Harry J. Waite Jr. Hours of Operation: Park: 8 a.m.-sunset. (A fishing license and trout stamp are required, and can be purchased at the park office. ) The Brandywine Creek Greenway is a regional planning initiative of the Brandywine Conservancy — involving 27 municipal partners in Chester and … Brandywine Creek State Park spans more than 900 acres on either side of the creek, with a frequently used canoe takeout point on the left just past Thompsons Bridge. (Yes, I’ve gone multiple times already.) Points of Interest. Canoeing is offered through the park's interpretive programs. Our lazy river is just perfect to relax in as the current takes you down the waterway. The Northbrook Canoe Company (NCC) offers kayak and canoe rentals and varying length trips on the Brandywine. EMBREEVILLE to NORTHBROOK (2 hour trip) $20 per tube (last departure at 2pm) CORCORAN’S BRIDGE to NORTHBROOK (3 […] Canoeing and tubing are popular ways to experience the Brandywine, too. Folks canoe along the West Branch of the Brandywine Creek, near Harvey's Bridge Road. Tubing Trips When the weather is HOT! The meandering river’s gentle flow makes it a wonderful spot for first-time paddlers and large groups. 10. This tour allows travelers to see this in a unique perspective, from the waters of the creek itself. Otherwise, the river is generally easy to paddle and free of hazardous rocks, trees and debris. The museum occupies a converted 19th-century gristmill and hosts works by Andrew Wyeth, N.C. Wyeth, Maxfield Parrish and many others. Shaw's Bridge Park marks the confluence of Brandywine Creek's East and West branches to form the main stream, and the park provides parking, picnic areas, walking trails and ample open shoreline where you can hand-launch a canoe. 116 likes. I … Brandywine Creek State Park's many miles of trails, river, and rock walls make it a charming getaway for anyone seeking solitude from the big city. Every August my parents watch my 11 year old nephew Eamon for a week and every year my mom says she needs ideas to keep him entertained. Farther downstream, Wilderness Canoe Trips, a full-service canoe and kayak outfitter based in Wilmington, Delaware, provides canoes and kayaks for sale and rental along with a variety of guided trips. Tubing hits the SPOT!!! Anglers can fish for small mouth bass, bluegill, and crappie in Brandywine Creek and for trout in Wilsons Run. Different nature programs for all ages. 10. We loaded my Ocean Kayak Cabo, our bicycles, and hiking gear.Then we drove to the Nature Center and Park Office at Brandywine Creek State Park.We walked on the Indian Springs and Hidden Pond trails to Brandywine Creek.Numerous stone walls and ruins were passed, along with a spring house which was used to keep things cool prior to the era of refrigeration. Brandywine Creek, DE ‘Brandywine Creek… The second dam requires another portage, unless the water is high enough to paddle over, and the third dam has a small slot to allow canoes and kayaks to pass through. In June of ’09 after a big storm, 2 kayaking brothers drowned at the first dam as helpless onlookers watched from the creekside Brandywine Picnic Park.